The best way for children to learn how to create proper oral care a habit is by starting at a young age. The first step is to be a good example for your child, don’t teach them bad habits! Be sure not to share utensils or drinks to avoid spreading bacterial disease, and use a limited amount of fluoride to help strengthen the enamel.

Bad Habits Are Contagious

It is important to avoid teaching your children bad habits to ensure they stay healthy. One of a few teeth facts for kids is to avoid using the same spoon with someone else when eating, even if it’s with a parent or sibling. Tooth decay is a bacterial disease, it can get spread from person to person through saliva. Everyone knows toothbrushes should not be shared. This also includes spoons, forks, and other utensils.

Save Fluoride for Later

Primary teeth should be brushed or wiped with a clean washcloth or baby soft toothbrush as soon as they come in. As a child grows older, fluoride is a very important addition to their oral health routine. Fluoride not only helps prevent tooth decay; it cures beginning cavities. Before a cavity gets through the hard outer covering of the tooth, known as enamel, products that contain fluoride to strengthen teeth can turn the weakening process around.

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